Dr. Juan Salinas Talks Branding & Mentorship Part 3 [Video]

Dr Juan Salinas Hispanic entreprenuer

In part 3 Latin Biz Today partner Tina Trevino talks brand decisions & mentor impact with entrepreneur P-nuff Hispanic business owner Dr. Juan Salinas.

Editors note: This is part three of a three part series. Please find Parts one: Dr. Juan Salinas & the P’nuff Backstory Part 1 [Video]   and two: The behind the scenes “Shark Tank” Story [Video]

In part three Dr. Juan covers the following topics:

  • Entrepreneur P-nuff Hispanic business owner Dr. Juan Salinas talks about the selection of the P-Nuff name.
  • His mentor experience impact on the Latino business trajectory.
  • What he would do differently and Tina poses the question: what does the future hold for his Latino business?

Watch the video and see how Juan navigated Hispanic business‘ branding and business challenges…

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